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About Willow

Willow offers tarot readings, is a psychic medium, and teaches a variety of classes, including Tarot and Psychic Development classes. Willow hails from a long line of psychic women and has been featured on both television and radio. Her work is heart centered and her goal is to not only offer clients spirit-led guidance but to empower them to tap into their own intuition.


To schedule with Willow, 614-352-6172 or ONLINE

Psychic Readings

Tarot & Mediumship

Individual Readings

Psychic readings are offered by Willow, an intuitive with over 20 years of experience. She provides guidance at life's most challenging or confusing times. She also shares her expertise. Willow teaches a variety of classes, such as how to read tarot cards or enhance psychic abilities.


30 minutes ~ $60.00 | 45 minutes ~ $80.00 | 60 minutes ~ $120.00


45 minutes ~ $120

Gallery Readings & Parties ~ Tarot

These readings are for small groups of at least 4 people. One hour minimum. These small group readings are a way to gain clarity and insight while making life decisions. 60 minutes ~ $120

For larger parties, host receives a free, 15-minute reading. A private space with table and chairs is required. If guests are required to pay, the host is responsible for making up the difference if the minimum amount is not met by guests. $240 minimum is required to book. 

House Blessings & Property Clearings

Initial assessment-We will come to your property and do a walk through. We will read the space and "diagnose" the problem(s). We will share what information we perceive intuitively, in essence giving you a reading of your property. Then we will make a plan to address your specific needs. $150

If you choose to move forward with a clearing of your property, pricing will be determined as part of your individual plan.


By legal requirement, we post that psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only. You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase and use this service. All information received is subject to your interpretation and you claim full responsibility for any actions or choices you may make based on the content of a reading. By purchasing a reading or any other psychic/spiritual service you are agreeing that information received is not a substitute for professional medical, psychological, financial, business or legal advice. ​

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