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About Natsuko

Astro Seer

"A person who combines their skills in astrology and their intuitive abilities to provide insightful guidance and foresight to others."

Hi, I'm Natsuko.  I incorporate ancient wisdom and magic into modern life through my work as a jeweler, astrologer, and tarot reader.

Honoring and appreciating the planets and thier movements can help us understand the inner connectedness of our lives on earth with the universe.  Observing their patterns and messages can provide insights into how we can live our lives more meaningfully.  

I offer astrological chart readings to help my clients reconnect with their true identity, purpose, destiny, and inner being.  Through this process of self-discovery, I can assist you in finding your path and bringing magic into your everyday life!  


Astrological Birth Chart Readings-$75 for approx. 1hr.  Client Birth Date, Time, and Place of Birth are needed for a full reading.

To schedule, text (614)519-1113 or ONLINE

Available in person at The Intuitive Touch Center the first Saturday of the month.  Via zoom Mon-Thu, 10am-12

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