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About Jen

Jen Knox is a high school drop-out who went on to find purpose through writing and mindfulness practices that led her to earn a BA from Otterbein University and an MFA from Bennington College.  Now an award-winning author and dedicated creativity coach, Jen enjoys bringing mind-body practices to the creative process and takes clients from idea to publication.  She also teaches both hatha and kundalini yoga classes.  Jen's yoga training is with Uplifted and the Ra Ma Institute (200 YTT, 200 KYT).  She also studies Qigong and breath/somatic energy practices, which she weaves into her yoga classes.  Jen's meditations and practices can be found on Insight Timer and Aura.  She has taught yoga and meditation for over six years and creative writing for over fifteen years.  

Jen is available for mind-body creativity coaching and offers both classes and workshops through Intuitive Touch as well as  1 : 1 movement sessions that are catered to a client's specific goals.  She loves working with writers, artists, and anyone who wants to reconnect with their inner creative or just move their energy in new and meaningful ways.  You can find her writing at and her arts organization at

Jen's regular in-person yoga schedule will start again in Summer 2023.  She can be reached for 1 : 1 sessions at or by texting 1-614-309-1795

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