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Class Offerings

We are grateful to be able to resume in person classes!

Meets every 3rd Friday of the month

Class size is limited, so you must reserve your space.
Shamanic Journey & Art

In this class, Carmeda introduces the fundamentals of a shamanic journey through drumbeat.  After experiencing a journey of their own, students are given the space to draw what they envisioned, write down messages, and share with the group if they wish.  Carmeda may offer insights and interpretations of the messages for those who wish to share their experience. Class fee is $30.  Contact Carmeda at 614-301-4822 to reserve your place!

Meets the first Friday of each month

Class size is limited, so you must reserve your space.
Deepening the Journey
Open to students who complete Shamanic Journey & Art.  This class will take a deeper dive into shamanism and shamanic journey.  Including working with spirit allies, healing, connecting with the elements, and more.  Class fee is $30 and you must reserve your space with Carmeda.  614-301-4822

Shamanic Intensive
In these sessions, students learn the fundamentals of Shamanic Journey and Drumming as well as Animal Totem Retrieval and working with Spirit Allies. The intensive course includes an hour break for lunch.  No prior experience is necessary.  Students are encouraged to bring a pen and notebook, water bottle, and to dress comfortably. Class sizes are limited to 6 students and require a non-refundable deposit. Class fee $200. Contact Carmeda at 614-301-4822 to get notification of our next class. 

Spirit Animals & Totem Animals
In this class, Carmeda will be teaching the difference between a spirit animal and an animal totem.  Students will learn how to connect with and work with these powerful allies.  If you don't know your totem, don't worry!  Carmeda will be offering an animal retrieval for each student as part of the class.  Class fee is $100. Contact Carmeda at 614-301-4822 to get notification of our next class.

Magical Crystals

This course is designed to introduce students to the power and healing of stones and crystals.  Students will learn the care and keeping of stones, as well as how to use them to enhance everyday life.  

Tarot Level 1

Ever wanted to learn how to work with the Tarot?  Now is your chance!  Willow offers the introduction to this divination tool in a clear and understandable class designed for the novice. Class spaces are always limited, and you MUST RSVP to hold your place.  Contact Willow at 614-352-6172 .  Class fee is $60

Psychic Development
This is a six part series, designed to increase your intuitive abilities.  Willow will cover a variety of topics, including the importance of grounding and shielding. Contact Willow at 614-352-6172 . Class fee is $300

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