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About Carmeda

Carmeda has been working with clients for over twenty five years. Carmeda has been practicing shamanic healing and works solo or in tandem with Rowynn. Shamanic healing can include animal totem retrieval, cord cutting, soul retrieval, energy extractions, and shamanic journey.

Craniosacral Therapy & Reiki are the bodywork practices Carmeda offers clients seeking to support the physical body as well as the mental and spiritual bodies.

In addition to using her many healing gifts, she also teaches Shamanic drumming and Journey classes, as well as women's self-protection in partnership with Budo Martial Arts.

Carmeda offers clients a unique psychic reading experience with psychometry that can be incorporated into a healing session or experienced on it's own.

To schedule with Carmeda, 614-301-4822

Shamanic Services

Shamanic services include Integrative Shamanic Bodywork (TM), soul retrieval, totem animal retrieval, energy extraction, and more. These services are practiced with great care and cater to a client's unique goals. For more information about these services, please reach out or click the links below.

Cord Cutting

In life, we often have energetic ties or cords connecting us to people or events. Sometimes these cords are draining our energy and maintaining connections which no longer serve us. In these cases, a shaman will find where these cords are in the body and energy field and then cut what is ready to release.


Animal Totem Retrieval 

Totem animals are our guides and teachers. A spirit animal retrieval is a way to connect with your totem animals and listen to the messages they have to offer in order for you to remember your strength and connection to the natural world.  

Soul Retrieval 

There are many reasons a person might experience soul loss. Often due to traumatic experiences, there occurs a fragmentation of self. Soul retrieval brings an individual who is suffering from soul loss back to wholeness.

Energy Extraction

Energy extraction is a shamanic modality of removing excess energy that is intrusive or disruptive to the system. When energy that does not belong in our systems builds, we need to clear it to restore the body to optimum health.

Craniosacral Therapy & Reiki

Some practices go better together and that's why Carmeda chooses to combine Craniosaral Therapy and Reiki for a powerful healing experience.  Both are gentle, light touch modalities aimed at assisting the body to relax, recenter, and release.  Session fee, $100
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