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About Audra

Audra has always had a passion for helping others and is thrilled to be in a field where science meets intuition and art.  As a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2022, her massage is custom catered to meet the needs of each person, working together to create treatment plans that aim to accomplish each client's short or long-term goals.  As an LMT, she admires the way massage can create mind-body connections:  treating physical pain, promoting mental wellness, and the power of healing touch.  While she specializes in finding trigger points and deep pressure, massage does not have to be painful to be effective.  Each massage is unique and addresses what the body needs in each session.  Audra enjoys incorporating essential oils, cupping, and hot stones as needed or desired into any massage.  The body is talking, and all we have to do is listen!





Licensed Massage Therapy

Massages are tailored to meet individual therapeutic needs. A variety of techniques are utilized and no two massages are exactly alike. Hot Stones, Cupping, and Aromatherapy may be incorporated to deepen the healing experience and to enhance relaxation and well-being.


30 minutes ~ $50.00 | 60 minutes ~ $90.00 | 90 minutes ~ $140.00

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