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About Flor

Our world is made of energy vibrating at different frequencies.  From the density of solid objects to the highest vibrations of the quantum field, we know that everything is energy!  I have been blessed with the ability to see and feel energy frequencies that others often do not perceive.  Since I was a little girl, energy has "talked" to me and I can decipher its messages.  This can take the form of seeing colors/auras, connecting with loved ones in spirit, hearing messages through clairaudience, and medical intuition. 


As with most psychic practitioners, I have a heart for service.  One way I love to help others is through House Clearings and Property Blessings.  I love to combine my various intuitive gifts to read the energy of a home and help homeowners create a more peaceful and harmonious environment.  This can be especially helpful for those wishing to sell a home.  I enjoy working with clients to find energetic blocks and restrictions that might keep a house from selling.  I also can assist in finding the right home for those who are uncertain which home would best suit their energy.   

Contact Flor

It would be my pleasure to assist you with your home!  Please feel free to text me for a consultation.


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